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Ritual Wiccan Invocation

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Beyond the Book of Shadows gives the full explanation of how to carry out this central core practice of Advanced Initiated Wicca.

It explains:
  • What to expect,
  • What changes need to happen internally as well as
  • What to do physically.

It covers all that you need to know to carry out this practice safely and successfully; exactly as happens in Initiated Covens.

The following is an extract from the book.

Invoking the Gods.

Invocation is truly the divine jewel at the heart of Wicca and Wiccan practice. Few, if any, Wiccan books have really described how to invoke these Divine energies. Unfortunately, if you are running your own coven and you are not practising invocation, then it is much like driving around in only first or second gear all the time and never really knowing what your vehicle (be it spiritual or otherwise) is actually capable of.

To have a divine force invoked upon one's self and to have this energy flood into one's consciousness (or even just trickle), induces such changes and inspires one's own spiritual development like nothing else. To be the person who performs the invocation is to be in a position of responsibility and rare intimacy, with both the 'invokee' and the divine force itself. To be present in a circle when the divine force attends is to witness the change in gear of the magical space you are in and to truly take part in those mysteries, which are as old as humankind ourselves.

In practicing Invocation, one throws one's ‘being’ up to the God or Goddess concerned and calls it down. Somewhere in the process of invoking, you change from addressing a God or Goddess 'out there', to addressing the Deity 'as if' it is already within the person and the person and the deity are one and the same.

One lifts oneself up in inspiration, devotion and ecstasy to contact the God/ess force. The invoker in effect, almost invokes themselves in order to contact the Divine force and then in effect 'lead it down' onto this plane and then into the other person.

And sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it's just a mild feeling and sometimes it's so strong that it blows everyone's head off and the invokee cannot remember a thing they said or did. How and why it varies no one knows (or at least they are not telling). That is why it is a mystery.
We don't control the Gods; we invoke them. What seems to be paramount, is simply one's intent to call in a Divine energy and one's ability to lift oneself out of one's-self, if that makes sense.

For the invokee, the experience is an expansion to another level of reality and understanding altogether. To have a God or a Goddess come into one leaves its mark forever and accelerates one's development like nothing else. It can also make one go seriously off one's rocker if not careful, which is why it's best practised within stable and trusting groups, be they Wiccan or magical. To have an archetype look through your eyes is an incredibly strange experience.

Invocation is best done in a group, at least at first, and it is best to stick to familiar and somewhat stable God and Goddess images for quite some time until experience is acquired. It is best to limit the times that one is invoked to once a month at first, as the effect of containing a God/ess force within your body and psyche can be immense and can continue to ripple out into one’s life and self for many months afterwards. Much more benefit will accrue if we allow the effects (often very subtle and surprising), to fully dissipate and be integrated, before having to deal and incorporate a new type of energy of a different God or Goddess.

mercurial statue of liberation and exhileration after initiation