Lynden Clarke has been actively involved in spiritual practice since he was a young child, beginning with involuntary astral projections and exploring the elemental realms in trance states. This developed into meditation practice and carrying out simple rituals.  The ability to move between two realms has always seemed quite natural for him and Wicca caught his interest very early on.

Lynden is fascinated by how our personal mythology colours our perceptions and actions.  One of the most significant lessons his Coven taught him is the importance of recognising this, in order to deconstruct the myths we have built around ourselves. In this way we can perceive ourselves and our lives more clearly.  This carries over into the practice of magical rituals and he is drawn to how these affect our perceptions and consciousness when carried out in certain ways. 

This book is a distillation of Lynden’s experiences with his Coven and his own work both before and after. It was initially written by pen and paper in the foothills of the Himalayas above Dharamsala, where it came pouring out over an intense few weeks.

Beyond the Book of Shadows is dedicated to my initiators: D&R, without whom I would almost certainly still be wandering in the wilderness.