Own Beyond the Book of Shadows

Beyond the Book of Shadows is a manual for ritual practice in Advanced Wicca.

Written by an initiated craft member, this is a book about Wicca and Witchcraft as a true spiritual practice which can assist you in waking up and expanding your perceptions. Beyond the Book of Shadows is about the beauty and mystery of Wicca as well as being a guide to esoteric training techniques normally found within initiated groups only.
Beyond the Book of Shadows focusses on explaining the two central core practices found in advanced Wiccan rituals;
1. How to properly set up a Ritual Circle, and
2. How to successfully carry out the invocation of Divine Force into yourself or your coven members.
Beyond the Book of Shadows details not just what to do but how to do it and most importantly, why. It looks not just at the physical aspect of Wiccan rituals but at what needs to be happening internally, on an energetic and spiritual level, to make a ritual really come alive and connect with the archetypal energies it is aimed at. It exhorts the practitioner of Wicca to go beyond the external forms of the personal and religious mythologies which surround Witchcraft and the Wiccan path, in order to enter the real mysteries to which Wicca can lead us.

Beyond the Book of Shadows re-examines and overturns a number of common assumptions of modern Wicca and Witchcraft such as:
  • The nature and use of ritual tools; why we don’t need them when we start Wicca and why we shouldn’t buy them.
  • The importance of initiation; why it is essential and what it means on a spiritual level.
  • The myths around the elements and the quarters and new ways to invoke the four elements.
  • How to create your own elemental guardians.
Witchcraft as a Mystery Religion.
What really goes on in a Wiccan circle on a magical level is rarely written about. This book is an attempt to remedy this gap, by being partly a guide to conducting the fundamentals of ritual and also an inspiration to the mystery of ritual. When any ritual truly comes alive it enters into another world and takes us with it. Wicca, for all its idiosyncrasies and differences has, at its heart, a pure diamond of Divine Mystery. This book will help you (and your coven) to get there.
Reviews of Beyond the Book of Shadows:
Merry Meet Magazine: "Very Occasionally a book...comes along that breaks the stranglehold of the Gardnerian/Alexandrian orthodoxy. Lynden Clarke's book is one of those rare volumes. ... The author succeeds in presenting modern witchcraft as a mystery religion of great spiritual depth and subtlety. A worthwhile and thought provoking manual. Recommended." Download the full Review of Beyond the Book of Shadows (pdf file).

Treadwells of London. "This book focusses on the witch’s magic circle and the rite used to construct it, and looks at what goes on in a circle on a magical level. This is a subject rarely written about, and the author conveys the inspiration and the mystery of ritual: when a ceremony comes alive it enters into the other world and takes us with it. A good book from a friendly small publisher in the English West Country countryside."

Google Groups: “more experienced practitioners will surely find that it deserves to be in their library.”

A real difficulty for Wiccan seekers wishing to progress in their practice is the lack of information beyond the beginner level. There is a wealth of introductory books and courses about Wicca but these are often all very similar, cover the same basic ground and don't really help someone to progress in their practice. Good training can be had within authentic covens, but these are hard to find and vastly over-subscribed. It is very difficult to access the advanced ritual and spiritual training which can be found within authentic Wiccan covens. Until now.